The rise of social media has opened bigger doors to digital marketers. Content sharing, increasing website visits, and lead generation became easier. Launching and sustaining brands became less complicated. Most of all, reaching your target market and sales conversions are now only a boost away.

Interested to improve your social media marketing game plan? Utilize the top social media platforms properly for best results.


As per Statista’s report, Facebook has 1.4 billion active daily users during the second quarter of 2018. Wow! Amazingly, despite the large user base, businesses can still reach their target market by placing specific demographics on Facebook advertisements. You can limit the reach of your boosted posts and videos to a specific age group, location, gender, interests, relationship status, employment, purchasing behaviors and more! Many businesses have seen significant ROI with Facebook ads.


Instagram’s user base comes right behind Facebook, with around one billion active daily users. This platform is also owned by Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook. Hence, you can simultaneously advertise on both platforms with one payment. Since Instagram is a visual channel, you must keep your photos appealing and creative to attract more users and gain more followers. Good captions with hashtags are also essential for greater reach and a higher level of interaction.


Based on the latest statistics, this video platform has over 30 million active daily users and 1.57 billion active monthly users. YouTube is owned by Google and it has access to its parent company’s advertising policies. Businesses use this to their benefit when running YouTube ads. Just like Google algorithms, you can also optimize the YouTube videos by using relevant keywords for higher search rankings and more views. You can do this by including the keywords on your video title and description.


LinkedIn has over 546 million profiles as of March 2018 and has an average of 260 active monthly users in 2017. This platform is most beneficial for companies with B2B models, and those who target customers through job titles, business news, professional history and the like. Many users of LinkedIn are also active in reading articles so make sure to publish a well-written content on LinkedIn with a catchy headline.

Google Plus

Another site owned by Google, this platform has about 395 million active monthly users.  Although there’s not much interaction on Google Plus, it’s still a staple in social media marketing because it plays a vital role in boosting your organic SEO rankings on Google. Having an optimized Google Plus page is another ticket to get your brand listed on the first two pages of Google’s branded search results.


Twitter is most effective in lead generation and in making brands more visible online. It has 330 million active monthly users and can also be used for sharing content. However, with limited characters, you have to tweet wisely. Always use hashtags relevant to your company to reach the users searching for things your company offers.

With billions of potential customers on social media, we have to maximize the use of our social media pages. You may reach out to Fuze for an upgraded social media marketing strategy. Have a great day!