Digital marketing and traditional marketing have become a common topic in debates. People are trying to answer which of the two offers more benefits and provides a better return on investment. However, this blog doesn’t aim to determine which is better in any way. We have presented their advantages, but the decision is yours whichever is more beneficial for your business. Or maybe, this could also help you incorporate both strategies to maximize potential results.


Digital marketing aims to promote brands on a wide variety of digital channels, lead them to the company website, and convert online users into customers.  Some of the strategies involved in digital marketing include content marketing, search engine optimization, social media marketing, email marketing, pay per click, backlinking, posting of infographics, YouTube video creation and more.

Traditional marketing is also composed of many facets. It involves “tangible” items such as magazines and newspaper, billboards, brochures, business cards and posters. It also involves TV commercials and radio ads.


Digital Marketing

  1. With digital marketing, you can easily reach both local and international audience. Also, you can specify the demographics of your target audience. Aside from the location, you can also indicate your preferred age group, gender, and even include the target audience’s interests.
  2. Thanks to Google Analytics and insights, you can see real-time results and determine whether your initiatives are effective or not (i.e. number of site visitors, blog views, post likes, comments, shares, YouTube views, etc.).
  3. Interaction with your target audience is easier because of social media, forums, and email.
  4. Lead generation is faster especially if you utilize all relevant digital channels.
  5. Despite all the strategies involved, digital marketing is highly affordable.

Traditional Marketing

  1. Traditional marketing allows you to reach a wide range of audience since millions of people watch television on a daily basis. Likewise, millions of people pass by on national roads where you can find billboards. Hundreds of thousands of people listen to popular radio shows. The strategy also allows businesses to reach their target audience by advertising in the most relevant TV show, magazine or radio show for their brand. For example, if your products are for kids, you must opt to advertise on cartoon shows or educational shows.
  2. The audience can keep the marketing materials for a long period of time. They would be able to see the advertisements or details of the brand over and over again as long as the materials are with them.
  3. Businesses easily understand how traditional marketing works because it’s conventional. The strategy has been existing for over a hundred years now.
  4. This strategy provides a high success rate for brand development and product awareness. All you need is the right endorser and the most strategic approach (whether it’s through TV, radio or print), and people will start talking about the brand or your product in no time.

Can’t decide which marketing strategy to use for your brand? Or are you planning to utilize both? Let us know! We are Fuze, a digital advertising agency based in Manila, and we would love to help you achieve your marketing goals.