Digital marketing, the strategy of using various digital channels to creatively market products and services, is widely used across the globe. And just like popular celebrities, people have also started spreading myths about digital marketing. Let’s debunk six of these false reports below.

Myth # 1: You don’t need a website. You can do everything on social media.

Social media platforms are effective marketing tools but they are not made to replace websites. In fact, you need a website because it is the focal point of digital marketing. It’s where you link articles, social media posts, blogs, and online advertisements. It’s what you need to rank on Google to get more leads, prospects and online users for the sought-after sale conversions.

Myth # 2: Results will come instantly.

Nope, never true. Even if today, you do everything right with your combined efforts on SEO, content marketing, SEM, social media marketing, email marketing, pay-per-click and more, you wouldn’t get your desired results tomorrow. Probably, not even five days later. The truth is, digital marketing is a long-term strategy. It takes time, hard work and consistency in various channels to see great results.

Myth # 3: Email marketing is pure spam.

Although some individuals use email marketing for spamming, email marketing itself is a digital marketing strategy that produces a high Return on Investment (ROI). With the right pitch and content, it allows you to convert users into customers, and newsletter subscribers into loyal, regular purchasers.

Myth # 4: Content duplication is fine.

It has never been fine, to be honest. Producing unique, high-quality content is a big success factor in the digital marketing world. Google will penalize your website if you have duplicate content. Plus, plagiarizing will make it harder for you to improve your website’s ranking on Google search results. It’s highly recommended to use anti-plagiarism tools to prevent duplication issues and penalties.

Myth # 5: It’s all about the clicks.

Wrong. Clicks and site visits alone could not guarantee the success of your digital marketing strategies. First, you should work on bringing the right site visitors – your target market. Second, you have to make sure that those visitors would stick around your website and will turn into customers for sales conversions. This wouldn’t happen without using the right platforms, producing high-quality content, maintaining a user-friendly interface and properly leading the users to the payment method.

Myth # 6: Mobile users do not convert.

Well, it all boils down to the quality of your mobile site. If it is not responsive, if it has an awful design and if it doesn’t work fast, it will be challenging to convert mobile prospects into customers. However, if you would invest in a user-friendly, well-maintained and responsive mobile site with good speed, you could get your target conversions in no time.

We hope this blog has enlightened you with the truth. If you want us to debunk another set of myths, let us know! Also, if you’d like to improve your digital marketing initiatives, don’t hesitate to submit an inquiry to Fuze Digital. Thanks for reading!