Do you want to increase your reach, brand visibility, and engagement without paying for ads? You can achieve that by creating and uploading share-worthy content. Aside from the said benefits, gaining more shares on social media could also increase your chances of gaining new leads, followers, and customers.

Follow these five tips to creating shareable social media content:

Add value to the users.

Usually, people only read articles that they think would add value to them, give them relevant information, answer their questions, provide tips or increase their knowledge.  If you’re planning to post an infographic or share a blog post on your social media profiles, choose a topic that could be of help to your audience. Do your research and do not settle for the average. It’s also better if the topic is timely to industry news and current events.

Prioritize the quality of your content.

Whether it’s a photo, a video, an article or an infographic, you have to make sure that it’s of high quality. Keep your articles meaty, relevant and relatable. Refrain from uploading blurry and out-of-focus photos, especially on Instagram and Facebook. Edit your videos intricately; use only the appropriate background music, font, and text. Beware of copyright issues when grabbing photos and videos online. As for infographics, you must keep your text concise, your design appealing and your illustrations clear.

Know your audience.

Your audience is also your target market. Therefore, you should know how to communicate with them based on your target age group, location, gender and status in life. For example, if your target market is composed of female executives, your content should follow a classy corporate language. Connect to your audience, even with visual content, by making it relatable to their daily lives.

Trigger emotions.

Online users share content that has made them laugh, cry, annoyed, angry, entertained or has somewhat touched their hearts. Other than that, unless the content is informative, they would usually just scroll them over. If you want to gain shares on a positive note, you should aim to trigger the right emotions. Try to tell a touching story through photos or videos. Try adding wit and humor to your content. With these efforts, you’ll see your reach increasing in no time.

Create catchy captions and headlines.

Keep your captions and headlines short and straight to the point as much as possible. Some tricks to catch the attention of users is to add numbers on your headline, to use emotional adjectives, and to start with the W questions (What, When, Why, Who, How). You can also write a trivia, make an audacious promise, and more. Avoid using misleading words and information just for the clicks, though. The negative feedback it could have on your brand is not worth the hype.

We hope these tips would help strengthen your social media marketing initiatives. If you need an extra boost in your overall digital marketing strategy, feel free to reach out to us. Have a great day ahead!